Book for me real Mind Map

Book for me real - Mind Map

10 months ago by: Jaisal Ahmadullah
Book for me plan
  • Book for me
    • Charcter, voyage
      • Character
        • Someone, who has had a tough up brininging, and is going to university to study
          • father died
          • mother is very kind, and gentle
        • Names
        • Son is called Merais
          • Mother is just reffered to as mother
      • Voyage
        • Person leaving home
          • talk about strange things
          • Idea
            • Idea
      • setting at start
        • In a small slum in an LEDC
          • Goes to the Uk for one year
      • Wants his mother and him to finally get out of poverty
        • He is very determined
        • Change of culture
          • Finds it strange language barrier, christams etc
            • Talk about him being confusd about celebration
    • Writing
      • use high level imagery, spend extra long on the imagery
      • Vary sentence starters
      • Grammar
        • Quad check each spelling
        • If you use a semicolon, use with accuracy or do not
    • Story line
      • Boy is leaving home and is getting ready for plane
        • Plane lands in country
          • Studies here, find christmas very strange
            • Comes back
              • Greeted and by mother
                • End of story, maybe sequel of him getting a job
    • What will happen in the first chapter?
      • Scared feelings
      • Introduction to his life, father dying, his mother, his aspirations, and that in a weeks time he would be leaving
    • Title = the educational plane
      • The plane is like his source of education, like he needs it as in his country there is not any
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