Mind Map and PowerPoint

Using A Mind Map and PowerPoint to Storyboard Presentations

It is not easy finding a good storyboarding tool for creating PowerPoint presentations, which is why utilizing MindView to brainstorm a mind map in order to visualize a PowerPoint structure is unique. MindView is a professional mind mapping tool with a powerful MS Office integration that enables you to export and import a mind map to and from PowerPoint.

  1. Exporting a mind map to PowerPoint
  2. Using PowerPoint templates to export the mind map
  3. Importing a mind map from PowerPoint


Mind Map Export to PowerPoint

Mind Map Export to PowerPoint


MindView’s Key Features for PowerPoint Integration:

  • One-click export to PowerPoint
  • Visualize slides and add contents in the mind map
  • Transfer everything from the mind map including notes and attachments
  • Professional PowerPoint templates included
  • Advanced export options available
  • Import PowerPoint documents as a mind map


Exporting a Mind Map to PowerPoint

Using a mind map as a storyboarding tool in MindView is done in two steps:

  1. Use the branches within the mind map to illustrate the structure of slides in the PowerPoint presentation
  2. Associating contents to each slide by writing notes and attaching files to the mind map branches

When exporting a mind map to PowerPoint from MindView, a parent branch is represented as a main slide in PowerPoint, a sub-branch as a sub-slide etc. For a more clear understanding of the connection between the mind map branches and the PowerPoint slides, you can apply a numbering schema to the branches within MindView.


mind map and powerpoint

Mind Map with Branch numbering turned on.


Once you have visualized the slides for a PowerPoint presentation, you can write notes and attach files to each branch i.e. slide in the mind map. Notice that MindView enables you to attach an unlimited number of files to each branch and supports all file formats. Notes and attachment to a branch will be included on the respective slide when exported to PowerPoint.

Although a mind map is created non-linearly, in MindView there is an order of which the branches are exported to PowerPoint. The export order of the mind map goes clock wise starting from the upper right corner of the mind map. By dragging and dropping branches in a different order in the mind map, you are able to rearrange branches i.e. slides, prior to exporting the mind map to PowerPoint.

Using PowerPoint Templates to Export the Mind Map

MindView offers an advanced export of a mind map to PowerPoint. First you are able to select between different PowerPoint templates, styles and formatting. MindView comes with professionally designed contemporary templates. If you prefer, you can create your own PowerPoint template and use it for the export.

Templates can easily be customized in the export wizard, where you can select things such as; including an image of the mind map as a slide and exclusion of certain contents. When converting a mind map to PowerPoint, it can be tricky with the last level of branches in the mind map. These will often be viewed as bullet points on the prior slide and not as individual branches. MindView allows you to handle the export in such a way by excluding Empty sub-branches.

The attached objects can also be controlled under the attached Object tab in the export Wizard, where for instance you can determine if you want a video attached in the mind map to be embedded within the respective slide or shown as a hyperlink.

When exporting the mind map to PowerPoint, text on a slide will be placed to the left, images/videos to the right and any hyperlinks below the image. If you have attached several pictures to a branch you may have to retouch the slide. Of course once in PowerPoint you can change everything, but you will have the structure and contents from MindView pre-made.

Importing a mind map from PowerPoint

Importing a PowerPoint file as a mind map gives you a way to view the presentation in a more non-linear way and provides a unique overview. Remember you can always re-export the mind map to a new PowerPoint presentation if you choose to edit the mind map. Mind map and Powerpoint work very well together. They can be used to create beautiful presentations.

When importing a native document from PowerPoint into MindView, each slide will become its own branch within MindView. The heading of the slide becomes the branch text, whereas other text will be inserted as a text note and pictures, videos, etc. will be transferred as attachments to the branch. Notice that if you have used lots of call outs, directions arrows etc. in PowerPoint, these smaller icons will be imported as an attached picture to the branch.

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