Mind Map and Word

MindView Mind Map and Word Export

Mind map and word stimulates and challenges you and your team for brainstorming activities. You will discover some astonishing facts about your brain and its function, and take the first major steps on the path to freedom of the mind.

  1. Exporting a mind map to Word
  2. Using Word templates to export the mind map
  3. Importing a mind map from Word


Mind Map and Word

Mind Map Export to Word


MindView’s Key features for Word integration:

  • One-click export to Word
  • Transfer everything from the mind map including notes and attachments
  • Professional Word templates included
  • Automatic creation of table of contents, numbering schema etc.
  • Import Word documents as a mind map

Exporting a mind map to Word

Mind map and word is a highly effective method for getting information, ideas, and concepts in and out of your brain – it’s a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally ‘maps out’ your ideas.


mind map and word

Mind Map with Branch numbering turned on.


Notes taken on each branch in the mind map will become body text for each respective heading in Word. MindView enables you to attach several files to each branch and such attachments are also transferred from the mind map to the Word document, inserted as an active hyperlink under each respective chapter.

Notice in the image above: when a mind map is exported from MindView to Word, it creates a table of contents.

Using Word templates to export the mind map

MindView offers an advanced export of a mind map to Microsoft Word. First you are able to select between different Word templates, styles and formatting. Templates can easily be customized in the export wizard where you can select things such as including of a table of contents, how many levels should be numbered and objects to exclude. If you prefer you can create your own Word template and use it for the export.

Importing a mind map from Word

When importing a native document from Word into MindView, it is important that you have formatted all headings as standard Word heading styles.

The heading styles used within MindView create the different levels of branches; a main branch is a heading style 1, a sub-branch a heading style 2 etc. When re-importing a Word file that originated from MindView, the Word file already has heading styles created by MindView. When re-importing a Word document as a mind map a new document is created in MindView.


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