MindView – The Best Mind Mapping Software

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MindView - The Best Mind Mapping Software
MindView - The Best Mind Mapping Software

Of course we do mind mapping, but this is why we are different!

Better Microsoft Integration

Simply export your mind map with a mouse click. No need to re-create data!

Mind Map with AI Assistance

AI Assistance unlocks the future of mind mapping with unparalleled possibilities.

New Powerful Project Views

The brand-new Kanban and Year Wheel charts takes visualizing projects to another level!

Intuitive Project Management

Visualize your Work Breakdown Structures and instantly convert to a Gantt Chart or action plans.

Next Level Task Management

Synchronize your project planning with the brand-new built-in task management system.

Enhanced Research Toolbar

The Research Capture Toolbar lets you snip images, copy text, take video and audio recordings.

…put simply, you work better!

What’s New In MindView?

Microsoft Office Integration

Better Microsoft Office Integration

Need to make an awesome presentation or a professional report? Turn your mind map into any document with a simple mouse click. Why start from scratch every time? Be productive!

  • Export to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project etc.
  • Use pre-made templates
  • Select which content to export

…don’t start from a blank page ever again

Microsoft Office Integration
Intuitive Project Management

Intuitive Project Management

No more daunting project plans. Get your team organized instantly. From simple “to dos”, timelines, Gantt charts or reporting, we have your back.

  • Define goals, deadlines and deliverables
  • Create WBS with ease
  • Built-in Gantt Chart and Timeline
  • Task control center
  • Export to Microsoft project

…Teams are more successful with MindView.

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Integrated Task Management System

Integrated Task System

Revolutionize your project management with MindView’s new built-in Task System. Collaborate, assign, and track tasks effortlessly. Whether you’re working solo or with a team, this feature streamlines your project’s progress and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Synchronize tasks between your MindView documents and the new Task Management System
  • Assign tasks to your team and track their progress in real time
  • No more manual updates on task status, the Task Management System will update your Gantt Schedule automatically

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Integrated Task Management System
True collaboration

True Collaboration

Whether you are working from the moon, a beach, or an office, collaborate with your team in real time. Save your mind map in MindView Drive, share it and start multiuser edting.

  • Access MindView Drive from anywhere
  • Share and control edit rights
  • Work collaboratively in real time

…Teamwork makes the dream work

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True collaboration
Dynamic layouts

Multiple Layouts

What’s unique to MindView are the interchangeable layouts (views). Swap from a mind map to a Gantt chart to a timeline and back again. You can add, edit, and remove data in any view, all data remains intact. No one else does this!

  • Swap between 6 interchangeable layouts
  • Edit and update across all views
  • Work in the view that suits you

…Present your ideas in the most effective way

Other Important Features

Multi-platform mind mapping software


Don’t worry about the platform, bring your own device to the party!

Mind mapping with sub maps


Handle large mind maps by creating sub maps.

Unlimited content for every mind map

Unlimited Content

There is no limit to how much stuff you add on to your mind map.

Choose from pre made styles and templates

Styles & Templates

Choose from a variety of map styles and premade templates.

Admin portal

Admin Portal

Manage users effectively. Use Active Directory and setup SSO.

Calculation data inside your mind map

Calculation Data

Add numbers and calculate on your branches. Show budgets, costs, deviations etc.

Feature List

Support Individuals with Learning Differences

MindView AT has been designed to support individuals with neurodiversity’s such as dyslexia, autism and ADHD. Mind mapping helps to overcome barriers around reading and writing, executive function and processing skills.

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Support individuals with learning difference

MindView to Manage 600+ 50k – Multimillion Dollar Projects

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See what Stephen Orr, Director, User Experiences Group of AMD thinks about MindView

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Integrating a Work Breakdown Structure with MindView

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How to make a mind map with MindView

How to make a mind map with MindView

You might think all mind mapping software are the same. But with MindView, you can do so much more.

You get what you pay for, and your time is valuable.

MindView’s familiar interface will get you up and running instantly. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we have you covered with all the features you will need.

Here is how it works:

Creating a mind map

Create your mind map

Creating the mind map is very easy. Simply type the main topic in the root and hit Enter to create branches. Re-organize your branches simply by dragging-and-dropping them.

If you need help with ideas for your mind map, choose from one of the 90 mind mapping templates included in the program that can be customized and saved as your own.

  • Familiar interfaces
  • Create the mind map with ease
  • 90+ customizable templates
custom views inside MindView

Customize the mind map

You can change the look and feel of your mind map instantly using the Design menu.

Select from different views such as mind map, top-down, left-right, timeline or Gantt chart. Swap between views with ease, and your data will always stay intact – unlike what happens with other tools.

Choose between styles and layouts by simply rolling over options to obtain a preview. You can quickly apply any of these options with one mouse click!

If you need to single out and customize certain areas of your mind map, use the Format menu. Here you can highlight branches, change fonts, create boundaries etc.

  • Swap between views
  • Apply styles and layouts instantly
  • Use effective formatting for customization

add content and attach files to your Mind Map

Add files and content

One of the benefits of MindView is that you can add unlimited number of attachments to branches, take notes, add pictures and so on, making MindView the ideal electronic portfolio for your project.

You can link to files on external drives such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.

The content will be included when exporting your mind map to other documents formats such as Word or PowerPoint.

  • Attach multiple files to branches
  • Hyperlink to files on external drives
  • Add notes and insert branch pictures
  • Include content when exporting to other formats

add content and attach files to your Mind Map

But wait, that’s not all…

Export your mind map to multiple formats

Export your mind map to other formats

If you need to continue to work with your ideas in another document format, simply export your mind map with a mouse click. No need to re-create data!

To better understand how your mind map gets exported, you can easily apply a numbering scheme. Rearranging your branches will update that number scheme automatically.

Select between different style templates and formats when exporting. You can even control which content to include or exclude. When writing an essay, exporting to Word can even include citations, bibliographies and a chosen academic format (APA, MLA etc.).

You can even import from documents such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project and Excel.

  • One click export of your mind map
  • Styles and templates available
  • Powerful Microsoft Office integration
  • Import from other document types

Switch to different map views. Timeline, Gantt, WBS, Topdown, Left/Right.

Swap your map into another view

MindView allows you to swap your mind map to another view such as a timeline, Work Breakdown Structure or Gantt chart.

All of your data will be intact, and you can keep editing in any view.

This is very helpful when communicating or presenting to an audience that requires the ideas visualized or portrayed in a different layout.

From a project management perspective, you can start by creating a work breakdown structure in the mind map, then swap to the Gantt chart for scheduling. You can even present the Gantt chart as a timeline. Very flexible and time saving!

  • 6 interchangeable views
  • Transfer and edit data in any view
Switch to different map views. Timeline, Gantt, WBS, Topdown, Left/Right.
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