Outlining Documents

Brainstorm, Organize and Present Your Ideas

Mind Mapping is an ideal way to create an outline for written documents such as essays or research papers:

  •  Brainstorm ideas for chapters and sub-chapters in a free and non-linear way.
  •  Use text editor (note card) to associate comments and ideas with each chapter.
  •  Cite sources by linking to websites, text files etc.
  •  Visually reorganize your chapters in the right order by dragging and dropping them.
  •  Export to Word as a linear outline.

Exporting to Microsoft® Word

When exporting to Word main ideas are exported as main headings, sub-ideas as sub-headings and so on. Use professional templates that let you include a table of contents, choose a numbering scheme, decide how to display attachments and so on. APA and MLA templates are available.

Export Outline to Microsoft Word

Re-importing from Microsoft® Word

If, while working on your document in Word, you realize that you have forgotten some key ideas that you would to include, just make the changes, and import your Word document back into MindView. Your Mind Map will be updated.

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Improve Reading Comprehension

  •  Highlight important ideas
  •  See patterns and relationships
  •  Categorize concepts, ideas and information
  •  Facilitate recall and retention

Improve Writing Skills

  •  Brainstorm
  •  Visually arrange ideas
  •  Research and reference ideas
  •  Outline written documents

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