User Profile Cecilia Danielsson ITILS4 Technical Author & DSA Student

“What a fantastic piece of software! I have been a MindMap fan for years, and will highly recommend MindView to all of my journalist friends.”

MindView is a hugely helpful piece of software if you have any sort of condition which impacts on your concentration levels. As a person with an Acquired Brain Injury, attaining the concentration levels that I experience before my accident seems almost impossible to aspire to, and a return to Full Time Higher Education a task that was going to required focussed planning and organisation. MindView helps me with this beyond my expectations. I am studying Linguistics and German, so there is a huge amount of information to process and memorise. MindView allows me to categorise all the information I need, and organise it in a way that imbeds in my study plans, making information recall manageable. From a user perspective, the software is structured and intuitive. A moderate knowledge of Microsoft Word, would be enough to find the commands simple to navigate. The output of the maps lend towards being able to embellish with some flair and creativity. For example, being able to insert either stock images from the Internet or images from personal photos is a clean and simple process. The tutorials on the Software are palatable and informative, and thanks to their transparency, using the software from ‘cold’ is entirely possible within 5 minutes. I have nothing negative to say about MindView and have recommended it to many journalists, fellow students and students I work with on GCSE’s. An enjoyable and useful package for all ages and educational abilities.

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