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Case Study – Rehoboth Christian Ministries

April 9th, 2019


Ron Bos
Executive Director

Rehoboth Christian Ministries

Calgary, Alberta

Rehoboth Christian Ministries’ mandate is to serve people with disabilities so they can flourish in life. This mandate and our very name – Rehoboth – are inspired by a verse in God’s word where Isaac names a watering well: Rehoboth.

Company Profile

Rehoboth Christian Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that provides supports and services to adults with intellectual disabilities. We operate in five urban centers and their immediate rural surroundings in the Canadian province of Alberta. We employ more than 600 employees in supporting some 250 individuals.

How did you operate before using MeetingBooster?

During the previous five years, we had been using cloud-based meeting management software that had been a proprietary side product of the company providing payroll software to us. While this meeting management software had its quirks and was somewhat challenging for our staff to learn, it served us fairly well until the company took it off market as it sought to focus on its core business of payroll management and support. This development precipitated the need for us to seek out replacement software that would serve us better. Enter MeetingBooster.

How does MeetingBooster help the organizer prepare for these meetings?

For a period of time prior to a scheduled meeting, the meeting organizer can designate all attendees as Co-organizers. This enables each participant, in our case each program director, manager, or coordinator, to add agenda items and their supporting documents. Building the agenda then becomes a team effort – “many hands make light work” – and the agenda drives a broader, more representative scope of our business.

What are the three features of MeetingBooster which are essential for you?

MeetingBooster is equipped with a plethora of convenient, time-saving features. We particularly appreciate the ability to share meeting minutes automatically and immediately with all attendees through a simple mouse click. Formal approval of the minutes can also be captured in MeetingBooster with simple mouse clicks, as well; this feature saves considerable time and is appreciated by our external auditors.

Building an agenda by using the Meeting Series option or basing it on a past meeting agenda is a great feature, allowing organizers a choice they can make based on personal preference or the complexity of the meeting.

We also appreciate the ease of assigning tasks immediately during the meeting – nothing falls through the cracks. Tasks can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet, and assigned tasks are automatically exported into the MeetingBooster task list within the designee’s Microsoft Outlook.

Do you spend less time preparing the agenda?

MeetingBooster’s user interface is friendly and intuitive with commands completed by clicking icons and/or drop-down menus. In terms of mechanics, building an agenda is slick and intuitive. And as mentioned above, multiple Co-organizers build the content of the agenda easily and efficiently. We can build an agenda, complete with attachments and/or hyperlinks, more quickly than with our previous software.

How does MeetingBooster help the meeting attendees?

Attendees are better prepared for meetings than ever before. All of the information is in one place and it can be accessed anywhere there is Internet connectivity.

How have you prepared users for the introduction of MeetingBooster?

It is easy to learn how to use MeetingBooster; not just the basic fundamentals but all of the features. We provided key staff a quick walk-through demonstration, showed them MeetingBooster’s user guide and tutorial resources, and answered their immediate questions. Then we gave them access – the keys to the shiny new set of wheels, if you will – and off they went. Across our organization, the uptake was immediate and fret-free! MeetingBooster has become the easiest software to adopt and master of all our software changes in our history.

Would you recommend MeetingBooster to other not-for-profit agencies?

Rehoboth highly recommends MeetingBooster.