MatchWare News (2013)

Mismanaged Meetings – an Often “Overlooked” Aspect of Project Management

December 16th, 2013

  Getting Back to Basics Like many companies, we are often bombarded with emails, meeting invitations and electronic solicitations that Read More…


Effective Use of Meeting Minutes

November 21st, 2013

If you are one of those managers that has someone type up meeting minutes, you sign off on them, and Read More…


Suggestions to Improve Local Government Meetings

November 14th, 2013

Local governments such as city, town, or county boards and commissions have a responsibility to provide their constituents with access Read More…


5 Tips to Make Sure Your Online Meeting Stays on Track

November 12th, 2013

Because of the nature of online meetings it can be very easy for the meeting to loose focus and turn Read More…


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