Press Releases

Date Type Article
06/20/2017 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s MindView 7 Mind Mapping Solution Features More than 25 Improvements
07/12/2016 MeetingBooster Announcing the Release of MeetingBooster 3.0!
05/03/2016 MeetingBooster TAI Chooses MatchWare’s Meeting Management Software Solution “MeetingBooster!”
10/14/2015 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s New MindView Online Combines the Power of the Company’s Award-Winning Mind Mapping Desktop Software with Web-based Access
10/12/2015 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s New MindView Mac 6 Delivers Unprecedented Levels of Productivity, Project Management & Collaboration
10/09/2015 MeetingBooster MatchWare at Project Challenge in London
10/08/2015 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s Updated MeetingBooster 2.3 Maximizes Meeting Efficiency, Drives Accountability, Streamlines Workflows & Aligns Management Goals
03/12/2015 MeetingBooster My experience with Meeting Booster: Operational Excellence
03/12/2015 MeetingBooster Loyola University of Maryland uses MeetingBooster to optimize Change Management Processes
03/12/2015 MeetingBooster Innovate in the planning, running and follow-up of your council meetings
02/23/2015 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s New MindView 6 Features Over 40 Major Improvements and Sets a New Standard for Mind Mapping Software
10/06/2014 MeetingBooster MatchWare Launches MindView 5 Business Mac!
09/03/2014 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s MeetingBooster 2.0 Meeting Management Solution Offers New Features to Save Time & Increase ROI with Every Meeting
03/20/2014 MeetingBooster Tips and Tricks to Run Effective Meetings
01/21/2014 MeetingBooster How To Take Minutes At A Board Meeting
01/16/2014 MeetingBooster Press Release: How To Write An Agenda For A Meeting
01/07/2014 MeetingBooster Press Release: It just keeps getting better! MatchWare is proud to release MeetingBooster version 1.4
10/16/2013 MeetingBooster The Results Are In! MindView 5 is PC Magazine’s 2013 Editors’ Choice for Mind Mapping Software
05/24/2013 MeetingBooster OCLC partnership with MatchWare offers high quality citation data in a mind mapping software tool
05/11/2013 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s Revolutionary New MeetingBooster Meeting Management Software Ushers in a New Era of Effective Meetings
02/09/2013 MeetingBooster
10/20/2011 MeetingBooster MatchWare Launches MindView Mac, Mind Mapping Software for OS X Lion
03/14/2011 MeetingBooster MindView 4 Business Edition Wins Editors’ Choice Award!
03/04/2011 MeetingBooster PC World
12/08/2010 MeetingBooster The New MindView Mind Mapping Software Takes Online Collaboration to the Next Level
10/01/2019 MeetingBooster MatchWare’s mind mapping software, MindView, now part of Bectas Home Access packages
09/16/2009 MeetingBooster Projects@Work – “Mind Mapping A Better View”
09/10/2009 MeetingBooster Projects@Work – “Mind Mapping A Better WBS”
05/28/2009 MeetingBooster MatchWare debuts new version of MindView Business
01/02/2009 MeetingBooster Exceed your 2009 productivity goals with MatchWare’s MindView