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Exceed your 2009 productivity goals with MatchWare’s MindView 3 – today’s fastest and easiest way to turn ideas into action!

January 2nd, 2009


 Tampa, FL – MatchWare is proud to announce the release of its most powerful, yet easy to use Mind Mapping software package to date. MatchWare’s MindView 3, formerly known as OpenMind, is an invaluable application that allows users to develop their ideas, collaborate on projects, and communicate more effectively than ever before. 

MindMapping is a process that allows anyone to map their ideas visually, beginning with a central concept and adding “branches” extending from their main idea. In other words, a Mind Map is a diagram that represents the thought process involved in completing any type of assignment. Creating a Mind Map not only facilitates brainstorming, but also allows users to easily share their ideas with others. 

MindView 3’s intuitive Office 2007 interface, improved map and timeline layouts, and a host of new predesigned MindMap styles make it today’s most powerful, user-friendly tool for visualizing and presenting your ideas! 

 Using new MS Office templates, MindView 3 maintains its seamless integration with MS Office. Other features include an advanced filter, an automatic numbering scheme, and “focus” mode, making MatchWare’s MindView 3 the ultimate tool for improving productivity, advancing innovation and facilitating collaboration! 

  New Office 2007 Interface

 MindView 3’s brand new user interface lets you visualize your ideas and produce professional quality Mind Maps quickly and easily. Based on the Microsoft Office 2007 Fluent™ user interface, it provides an uncluttered, user-friendly workspace that makes it easy to find and use any of MindView’s impressive range of features. 

MindView 3 also lets you choose from a wide variety of layouts, including a new layout for Top Down, where sub-branches run horizontally, and various timeline layouts. Most importantly, Mindview lets you preview what your map will look in the layout you’ve chosen before selecting it. 

According to Product Manager, Thomas Henriksen, “MindView 3 empowers users to quickly change the look and feel of their maps using new layouts and styles that are applied instantly. MindView 3 gives the user more formatting options while ensuring the map always looks professional”. 

“MindView 3 allows us to customize our mind maps effectively- no cumbersome formatting required. Combined with the new Focus Mode, MindView 3 significantly improves brainstorming and collaboration during meetings.” – Julie Conrad, Genentech

New Features of MindView 3 Include:

Design and Layouts 

The Microsoft Office 2007 Fluent user interface is the ideal way to effectively design and format your maps. Choose from MindView’s extensive selection of layouts and styles and easily apply effects and formatting on the fly. 

Focus Mode 

MindView’s Focus mode ensures that your map will be easily legible to all viewers. Simply click on the branch you want to highlight, and your map is instantly centered on that branch. 

Collaboration through SharePoint 

Collaboration is the key to the success of any project. MindView 3 is a highly effective collaboration tool that supports SharePoint and WebDAV. 

Numbering Scheme 

MindView comes with various numbering schemes that let you clarify the order of your map’s branches and make it easy to understand how the branches will be exported. 

New Templates 

To ensure that your maps maintain their professional appearance when exported, MindView includes new and innovative templates for MS Word and PowerPoint, as well as for HTML. 

Timeline Layouts 

MindView 3 provides several timeline layout options and gives you a preview of your timeline before any layout is applied. Since every timeline requires different graphical elements to effectively tell its story, MindView lets you select the layout that best meets your needs! 

Improved Timeline Editing 

With MindView 3, editing your timeline is faster and easier than ever! Just drag and drop events (branches) directly onto your timeline – there’s no need to re-enter time information in the time information panel. 

Advanced Filter Function 

The new MindView filter lets you define specific criteria and then display only the branches of your document that meet those criteria. 

New Icons 

MindView features many brand new icons, including dynamic icons that allow you to quickly increase or decrease priority numbers, completion levels, or other values by simply clicking the appropriate icon. 

System Requirements and Availability 

MindView 3 requires Windows 2000, XP or higher; 400 MHz or higher; 128 MB RAM, 150 MB disk space, and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. 

A demo version of MindView 3 is available for download at 



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