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Innovate In The Planning, Running and Follow-up of Your Council Meetings

March 12th, 2015


Three questions to Emmanuel Dutay (Director of Services, Town Council of Ballan-Miré, Indre-et-Loire, France)

Can you explain to us how you use MeetingBooster in the Town Council?

I use MeetingBooster to manage our weekly town council meetings, which involve the mayor and all the town councilors and deputies. Not only does MeetingBooster make it faster and simpler to prepare and distribute the agenda, but using it during the meeting also has many benefits, such as being able to generate the meeting minutes in real time, or allocating tasks to the participants on the fly, which is an extremely useful and productive function of this application. The task management features make it easy to follow up on decisions taken and ideas proposed by the members during the debates. And the meeting duration countdown ensures that the discussions stay within their allotted schedules at all times. I plan to extend the use of MeetingBooster to our management committee meetings and then to our services management meetings.  

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