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MatchWare Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

September 17th, 2013

MatchWare, a Danish software house and leading provider of mind mapping, meeting management and multimedia software celebrates its 20th Anniversary on September 9th, 2013!  See why MatchWare has successfully met and exceeded customers’ needs in an ever changing technology market by visiting us at MatchWare was founded in 1993 to develop multimedia authoring tools such as Mediator, which helped schools and businesses create interactive presentations. Since 2003, MatchWare has established itself as a market leader in professional and educational mind mapping software with their award winning programMindView which focuses on user-friendliness, MS Office integration and project management. MatchWare’s latest product is a cloud-based meeting management application called MeetingBooster, an enterprise meeting management tool, providing companies with a unique way to effectively run meetings and optimize costs. “We would like to thank all our customers for their continued input, feedback and loyalty, which have been the driving factors for our success. We believe that the desire to meet our customers’ needs is the main reason for MatchWare success through the last 20 years”, says Ulrik Merrild, co-founder and CEO of MatchWare. “None of this would have been possible without our skilled and enthusiastic employees which deserve all the credit. Our employees’ involvement, insight and knowledge have created an unparalleled quality in our software that sets us apart from the competition.” Today MatchWare has over 1 million users worldwide with offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark and the Ukraine. The company continues to help businesses increase enterprise productivity and students to improve their educational aptitude through its powerful, yet user friendly software applications.

About MatchWare

MatchWare is a Danish software house founded in 1993 and is an industry leader in mind mapping and meeting management. MatchWare has offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark and the Ukraine.  MatchWare is privately held and financially backed by its executive team.


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