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MatchWare Releases the MindView Assist App to make Research on the go a Breeze

September 26th, 2022

This update includes our new mobile app ‘MindView Assist’ that syncs research with your work on MindView Desktop. This latest version enhances productivity, improves security, and streamlines research more than ever before.

Tampa FL (September 26th, 2022) –

MatchWare has officially launched a mobile app named MindView Assist along with updates for increased security, and much more.

The brand new MindView Assist App takes research to the next level by streamlining information gathering when researching for assignments, essays, and reports. MindView Assist syncs directly with your MindView platform. In the app you can capture images, text, and audio notes with your mobile device’s camera, then automatically send your research to any mind map on MindView Desktop. You can then proceed to organize the information into different folders and access the research on any MindView platform. MindView Assist also includes a built-in source feature, which has the ability to auto-recognize sources from their barcode.

“Our goal is to make research as efficient as possible, and MindView Assist does just that. Users can now conduct research on-the-go and seamlessly transfer any cited sources to their desktop version of MindView. This app release is an exciting step for MatchWare Inc. However, it is just the beginning of MindView’s app journey,” says Thomas Henriksen, CTO of MatchWare.

The MindView Assist App is available in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

This latest update also includes features such as two-factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of security for our users and enhances confidentiality for their work within MindView.

About MatchWare Inc.

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