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MeetingBooster Case Study – Düsseldorfer Bau- und Spargenossenschaft eG (DüBS)

October 10th, 2019


Verena Weser
Assistant to the Board
Company: Düsseldorfer Bau- und Spargenossenschaft eG (DüBS)

Real Estate

The company

The Düsseldorf Construction and Savings Cooperative (Düsseldorfer Bau- und Spargenossenschaft eG or DüBS) has been in existence for 70 years. It now owns and manages around 1,800 residential units representing over 110,000 square meters of living space throughout Düsseldorf, including in the districts of Flingern, Eller, Lierenfeld and Lichtenbroich, as well as approximately 2,500 square meters of commercial space. It currently has about 2,500 members, and the number is increasing! DüBS offers attractive living space in interesting locations, apartments of various sizes, terraced houses and commercial space.


What are your responsibilities at DüBS?

Organizing committees (meeting planning and follow-up, scheduling, preparation of discussion topics, etc.), project work in various areas, human resources, office organization, event planning (predominantly internal).


Why was your company looking for meeting management software?

We wanted a digital solution that would support our paperless office strategy, and also simplify the approval process with the help of an electronic approval system.


Why did DüBS choose MeetingBooster?

MeetingBooster meets practically all our digital solution requirements. The program is very easy to use and has already proven itself in the test phase.


Which meetings and committees do you carry out with MeetingBooster?

Currently, we use MeetingBooster exclusively for our board meetings. In the future however, we shall extend its use to the Supervisory Board.


How exactly do you use MeetingBooster?

A meeting assistant adds all the relevant documents to the agenda by a set deadline prior to the meeting date, and the agenda is distributed to the meeting participants. An external secretary takes notes during the meeting. Once the meeting is over, the assistant takes care of follow-up activities and includes further documents to the meeting minutes as required. These minutes are then distributed for approval.


What are the benefits of using MeetingBooster?

Since our board is partially made up of volunteers, members are not always all physically available. With MeetingBooster, documents can be distributed from a central point, and protocols can be approved without board members being present. This speeds up the approval processes. Information can also be saved more quickly, in a location accessible by all board members.


What do other users appreciate about MeetingBooster?

MeetingBooster, in particular the approval process, can be managed independently. The user interface is seamless and easy to use.


How do you feel about working with MatchWare?

So far, we have not made much use of the telephone support. However, the MatchWare contact team is friendly and engaged and welcomes suggestions for the further development of the program.


Would you recommend the software?

We have already recommended it and will certainly continue doing so.