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My experience with Meeting Booster: Operational Excellence

March 12th, 2015

Samuel Essaka Ekedi – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt / Associate Director in a consultancy company

I have been working on operational efficiency issues for more than 10 years, and MeetingBooster has made a significant contribution to the performance improvement of managers and their teams.

A middle manager spends about 30% of his or her time in meetings, and another 10% in the activities surrounding the meeting, such as communicating relevant information, sending reminders and tracking tasks. In all these respects, MeetingBooster brings several concrete and immediate benefits:

1. The ability to streamline the agenda and to involve attendees in the meeting preparation gives the manager more space to make his or her own contributions during the meeting.

2. The fact that everyone shares a common and documented view of the discussions during the meeting makes attendees more attentive and debates more productive by suppressing the need for individual note-taking.

3. Being able to produce the minutes and to allocate tasks during the meeting itself does away with any post-processing activities and guarantees buy-in of the minutes from all attendees.

4. Contributors have free access to the minutes and can view and update the tasks at any time. This optimizes the transmission of the information and makes it much easier for the manager to track the status of the tasks.

5. The configuration options allow the organizer to set up different structures according to the meeting type, and to perform cost evaluations for optimal resource management.

The following diagrams show the benefits of MeetingBooster for a middle manager, based on my own experience.



Senior managers and employees both benefit, and Meeting Booster allows significant productivity gains in the implementation of IT and other types of project. The analytical dashboards provided highlight potential areas of “intellectual wastage” and help managers ask themselves relevant questions: Does it make sense for an expert statistician to spend 75% of his time building up a database given that there are tools available to automate these tasks? Is it acceptable to pay a manager to spend 60% of his time in meetings and only 5% with the teams he is supposed to lead?

MeetingBooster is a performance-enhancing tool that enables every employee to streamline their activities while generating significant savings for the company.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information on my experience with MeetingBooster (



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