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The Graf Hardenberg Group improves its meetings with MeetingBooster

November 10th, 2019


Sarah Ganter
Management Assistant

Graf Hardenberg Group

Car trading

What are your responsibilities at Graf Hardenberg?

As a management assistant there is quite a lot on my task sheet, such as:

  • Evaluations
  • Meetings
  • Operational daily business
  • Event planning
  • and more…


Why was your company looking for meeting management software?

We have been looking for a way to carry out our many meetings in an efficient and structured manner.


Why did Graf Hardenberg choose MeetingBooster?

It provides us with a complete package. MeetingBooster allows us to plan and carry out meetings in an optimal way, and to recall them at a later date. Its simple and straightforward mode of operation also played a major role in our choice.


For what meetings do you use MeetingBooster?

We use MeetingBooster to streamline our sales meetings, committee meetings, service meetings, regular communication meetings and event planning meetings.


What are the benefits of using MeetingBooster for you?

For us, its biggest assets are its simplicity and ease of use, the ability to find meetings quickly via the search function, the automatic distribution of the meeting minutes at the end of the meeting, and the fast and reliable flow of information.


What do other users appreciate about MeetingBooster?

Other users also appreciate the ease of use and the efficient flow of information.


Where do you see other fields of application?

Any event related to meetings or organizations.


How do you feel about working with MatchWare?

Cooperation with MatchWare is pleasant and consistently positive.


Would you recommend the software?

Yes! We are happy to recommend MeetingBooster to other companies in our industry and beyond.