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Announcing the Release of MeetingBooster 3.0!

July 12th, 2016

MeetingBooster 3.0 Feature List

We have been working diligently to provide customers with the best meeting experience possible. We are proud to say that their experience is about to get better! Here is a list of some of the powerful new features that users can expect in MeetingBooster 3.0.

Getting Started

We want it to be as easy as possible for our users to get started with MeetingBooster.
  • Welcome Wizard: New users will be guided through an interactive wizard to help them get their account settings established correctly.
  • Welcome Emails: As users are added to an organization’s account, welcome emails can be now be configured to be sent out automatically or manually. This ensures that your users receive the information they need to get started.

Logging In

We have made it easier to log into your account. Who wants to remember another password?
  • Google: It is now possible to log into MeetingBooster using your Google login information.
  • Active Directory: Active Directory users can now log into MeetingBooster through AD or through Outlook.*

Agenda Enhancements

Every great meeting starts with a great agenda, and that just got easier with MeetingBooster.
  • Editing Agenda While Running a Meeting: You can now edit the agenda on the fly while running a meeting.
  • Multiple Presenters: It is now possible to have multiple presenters for an agenda topic.
  • Guest Presenters: Meeting guests can now be selected as agenda topic presenters.

Task Improvements

Meetings lead to tasks, and tasks lead to results, and managing tasks with MeetingBooster just got better.
    • Task List Redesign: We redesigned the task List from the ground up, making it easier to overview your action item list.
  • Group Task Handling: Easier to work with tasks that are assigned to multiple task owners. The task is now shown on one line instead of a line for each task owner. This means you can edit a task for multiple owners in a single step. Group tasks are consolidated onto one line in the meeting minutes making the task list section more compact.
  • No Due Date: Not sure when a task is due? No problem, you can now create a task with no due date.
  • Edit Tasks in Minutes: Authorized users can now edit tasks from the final meeting minutes document.
  • Project in Minutes: Projects are now shown in the minutes.
  • Task Summary Email: Authorized users can toggle on / off sending a task summary email when a meeting ends.
  • Tasks List Export: You will be able to export a task list to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Task Filtering on Dashboard: You can now filter Tasks by Priority in the Dashboard section.

General Improvements

Users will find that commonly used functionality in MeetingBooster has been improved.
    • Selecting Users: We have made it easier to select users in various MeetingBooster dialogues, such as when you are selecting attendees.
    • Guests are Saved: Inviting guest to a meeting is a handy feature, MeetingBooster will now store your guests in the system so that you can quickly invite them to a future meeting.
  • GoToMeeting Experience: Screen sharing can be a necessity for your meetings, and we have improved the GoToMeeting experience.
  • Agenda Approver: The agenda approver selection has been added to the agenda tab and removed from the Details Tab.
  • MS Outlook 2016 Support: The MeetingBooster plug-in now supports and integrates with MS Outlook 2016.
  • Email Reminders: We have made sending Task and Meeting Reminders customizable.

Enhanced Security

External audit of security, implementation of security enhancements and updates. This is our second security certification awarded. *On premises installation only    


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