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MeetingBooster ROI User Survey Results

December 5th, 2016

MeetingBooster – User Survey Results

In October 2016 a survey across all global MeetingBooster users was made to find out precisely how much time is saved by using MeetingBooster to administer meetings. The following table is a breakdown of how MeetingBooster saves users time during the meeting process:
Meeting Function How MeetingBooster Helps Time Saved per Meeting
Meeting Agenda
  • Easy to use agenda creator
  • Attach all meeting documents
  • Manage agenda approval process electronically
  • Custom templates to help standardise the meeting
  • Securely distribute the meeting pack to attendees
28 Minutes
Meeting Minutes
  • Automate the formatting of meeting minutes
  • Distribute meeting minutes to attendees
  • Automatically archive meeting minutes in one location, removing human error
  • Permit access to meeting minutes to appropriate users
55 Minutes
Meeting Tasks
  • Assign meeting tasks before, during and after the meeting
  • Automate email task reminders
  • Track the progress of meeting tasks
  • Integrated with users’ Outlook Task list
20 Minutes
Total 103 Minutes
Other results discovered from the survey include:
  • 83% of users said that meeting attendees were more engaged and better prepared after MeetingBooster was introduced.
  • 100% of users would recommend MeetingBooster.
  • 50% of users said that more was achieved from their meetings as a result of the MeetingBooster task manager.
Soft benefits as identified by our users:
  • MeetingBooster saves time with employee handover and on-boarding.
  • MeetingBooster helped to normalize the meeting process and improve discipline.
  • There was an improved level of employee satisfaction as a result of more transparent and inclusive meetings.
  • Reduced risk with compliance standards being maintained in an automated system.
  • Meetings were improved because of the defined MeetingBooster workflow.


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