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Arriva Improves Business Operations with MindView

January 5th, 2022



  For the last 3 to 4 years, Mind Mapping has been a part of my everyday life, both at home and at work. I work as an IT project manager and often need to organise a lot of thoughts regarding projects and how to manage them, but also ideas and ways to improve my job. To fulfil that need, I started looking into Mind Mapping. As an IT professional, tools are important to me. They must be simple to use but at the same time must allow for flexibility as regards file formats, im ports, and exports to Microsoft Office and other Mind Mapping tools. During the course of my search, I tried out a number of Mind Mapping tools including MindView and was very impressed with its Office integration and its look and feel that is very similar to that of the Office suite ribbon. The import/export feature is very comprehensive, and MindView allows me to have several views of the same Mind Map, a feature that has since become indispensable to me.  

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