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Case Study – DKVL is optimizing their meeting management with MeetingBooster

September 18th, 2017


The company

DKV Luxembourg S.A. has served as a powerful and reliable partner to a large customer base in Luxemburg since 1981. Our broad product range extends from minimal health protection via travel insurance through to full cover – both at home and abroad.

As health insurers, we are now more than ever tasked with using our competence and know-how to enable as many people as possible to benefit from an optimal and high-quality health care that remains affordable. Our aim is to provide each one of our customers with a tailor-made solution adapted to his or her own requirements. Our many years of international experience allow us to cater to the individual requirements of every one of our partners.

Over 100 employees look after the needs of our customers to help us fulfill our mission to progress from being “a leading provider of health insurance in Luxembourg to becoming a market defining service, as well as providing solutions to all health-related questions from companies and individuals”.

The initial situation

Over the past few years, technical innovations and the requirements of our business model have led to a change in the meeting culture of DKV Luxembourg S.A.

Whereas until not so long ago minutes were still taken in a “traditional way” by means of handwritten notes, the use of technology in meeting-related activities have become more prevalent.

However even if the various meetings (weekly status meetings, departmental, management or team meetings) were no longer recorded manually, we still experienced a need for a time-saving and elegant solution for recording and tracking the topics and tasks discussed.

What particular problems did we have to solve?

In addition to the need for supporting ongoing business meetings, the requirements of larger IT projects with regard to the traceability of tasks and content have increased continually, so that the previous “manual” solutions were no longer timely and practical.

In particular, the time factor between the meeting session and the availability of the minutes, which could not always be finalized on the same day, proved to be impractical. The follow-up of events and to-dos, formerly maintained by way of Excel lists, was becoming very time-consuming when added to the usual daily business and handling of special tasks.

What were the evaluation criteria for MeetingBooster?

Our objective was to replace the traditional way of recording minutes with an innovative, modern and time-saving tool that could automate as much as possible the logging and tracking of to-dos, to give our employees more time to look after the needs of our customers.

A comparison of the various meeting management software providers available on the market showed quite quickly that MeetingBooster, a software tool produced by the company MatchWare, met all these requirements.

From the very beginning, we were delighted by the simple and intuitive handling of the product. With the help of this tool, we are looking forward to the optimization of our meeting culture and the next steps in a digital future.

What was the immediate outcome of the MeetingBooster implementation?

Before we implemented it, MatchWare MeetingBooster was tested by a small group of executives at DKV Luxembourg S.A. It quickly became clear that using MeetingBooster resulted in significant savings compared to our previous manual minutes management approach. In particular, the tracking and allocation of to-dos as well as the sending of tasks, minutes or agendas at the push of a button represented a substantial improvement to our previous procedure, which was often problematic due to the large number of people, tasks and deadlines involved.


The optimization of our meeting management procedures with the help of MeetingBooster brings DKV Luxembourg S.A. and its employees a variety of advantages, organizational as well as financial:

  • Formalization and standardization of the discussion process
  • Optimization of the task management process and targeted tracking
  • Time savings for the employees involved, who can instead concentrate on the core business
  • Creation of a transparent process for all parties involved and easy forwarding to third parties (supervisory authorities, shareholders, etc.)
  • Archiving of minutes for the subscriber groups
  • Having many useful additional functions (e.g. voting tools, handling of agendas, minutes, etc.) available at the touch of a button


Savings achieved by using MeetingBooster


MeetingBooster has entirely fulfilled our expectations. Our meetings and the corresponding activity tracking can be handled more efficiently and cost-effectively with the use of Meeting Booster now and into the future.

We can recommend MeetingBooster to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use and efficient meeting management software solution.




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