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MatchWare Launches MeetingBooster 5.0

September 3rd, 2019

  • MatchWare launches its fifth generation of international enterprise meeting software.
  • MeetingBooster 5.0 helps large organisations make meetings more efficient and accountable.
  • New features to help management and PAs organise and handle large scale meetings.
  • Users estimate an average saving of 103 minutes per meeting, across the planning of meetings, their implementation and the tracking of progress of tasks.
London, Copenhagen & Tampa, Florida: International productivity software developer MatchWare has broken new ground with the launch of its fifth generation MeetingBooster, its popular tool that makes business meetings more efficient and accountable. MeetingBooster 5.0 is the new industry standard for meeting management from the market leader in business empowerment software. It facilitates a standardised meeting process, with the ability to assign pre-meeting tasks, allocate actions during meetings, and deliver professional minutes in customisable layouts, all within a single web-based solution. Helping clients build a structured meeting workflow and output, MeetingBooster 5.0’s technology provides an end-to-end management solution to combat the inefficiencies of agendas, minute-taking and the delegation of post-meeting actions. Its transformation of the whole meeting ecosystem has revolutionised the way that its clients do business. 83 percent of current MeetingBooster users say that meeting attendees were more engaged and better prepared following the introduction of the software. With significant upgrades from its predecessor, MeetingBooster 5.0 features advancements to the ‘Running a Meeting’ module, amongst other upgrades. The introduction of features such as a file sharing function, an improved voting tool and the ability to add an unfinished topic to future meetings complement tools that facilitate note-taking, decision-making and allocation of tasks for after the meeting. By driving meeting accountability and accessibility, whilst providing an agile software that can be adapted to meet individual client requirements, time can be dramatically reduced across the whole meeting process. Indeed, users estimate an average saving of 103 minutes per meeting, across the planning of meetings, their implementation and the tracking of progress of meeting tasks. Further benefits of MeetingBooster 5.0 include an improved level of employee satisfaction, as a result of more transparent and inclusive meetings, and reduced risk, with compliance standards being maintained in an automated system. Ulrik Merrild, Sales Director at MatchWare, said, “As always, our customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to helping us develop features in new versions of MeetingBooster. For our fifth generation of this software, we have focussed on overcoming typical end-to end obstacles in organising and reporting on meetings. With MeetingBooster 5.0, MatchWare continues to improve meeting work flows with better preparation, note taking, and task management. The new version enables Personal Assistants to schedule meetings on behalf of a manager, roll unfinished topics to the next meeting, and communicate open tasks better than ever before! MeetingBooster 5.0 even provides managers with Opportunity Reports that quickly identify how to improve meeting activities.” For more information about MeetingBooster 5.0, including a complete feature overview, deployment options, and pricing information, please visit : – Ends –

About Matchware

MatchWare is the global leader in professional mind mapping and enterprise meeting management solutions. The award-winning MindView mind mapping software and MeetingBooster professional meeting management software allow our customers to collaborate, innovate and increase productivity from any device in order to achieve greater success throughout their organisation. Since 1992, MatchWare has provided companies, government institutions, non-government organizations (NGO), academics and individuals with reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective software applications. Our programs include mind mapping, project management, meeting management, and business productivity software. These programs are designed to provide customers with the tools necessary to better drive, measure and optimize productivity to succeed in today’s always evolving technological environment. MatchWare’s head office is in Denmark with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, United States, and Germany. MeetingBooster is a registered trademark of MatchWare Inc. MeetingBooster Free Trial


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