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MatchWare’s MindView 7 Mind Mapping Solution Features More than 25 Improvements that Illuminate Ideas Like Never Before!

June 20th, 2017

  MatchWare’s new MindView 7 features a high-resolution Office 2016 interface, superior office integration, enhanced project management features, and more. A complimentary trial version is available at   Tampa, FL (June 7, 2017) – MatchWare Inc. announced today that version 7 of its industry-leading mind mapping solution MindView is now available, and features more than 25 improvements, enhancements and upgrades that vividly illuminate ideas like never before. Trusted by businesses, educational institutions and government organizations worldwide, MindView is a powerful, intuitive and simple-to-use solution enhances brainstorming, communication, decision-making, collaboration, meeting effectiveness, performance and productivity. Key added features in MindView 7 include:
  • A new high-resolution Office 2016 interface.
  • Integrated support for OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Enhanced Office integration for Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • New map design styles, images and icons.
  • A suite of assistive features, such as Office 2016 “Tell Me” functionality.
  • The option to make maps private or public.
  • A new calculation module that is more aligned with Excel.
  • Several high-end new project management features, including baselining, agile project tracking, filters, reports, and more.
  • An improved spell checker with updated dictionary.
An overview of all new features with screenshots is available at
MindView 7 Interface Screenshot

Revamped MindView 7 Interface

“Mind mapping has taken corporate America by storm, with virtually all Fortune 500 enterprises using it in their day-to-day workflows,” commented MatchWare’s Product Manager Thomas Henriksen. “With the technological landscape constantly evolving, today’s mind mappers expect more than just a mind mapping tool. They want a more productive way to work, a better way to communicate, and a more streamlined method of managing projects. We are excited to release MindView 7, which is a mind mapping tool built for this generation and the next. With features suited for any user, we are confident that MindView 7 will be a catalyst in advancing the mind mapping revolution.” “Project managers have always been an important customer group for us,” stated MatchWare’s U.S. Sales Manager Brandon Conrad. “MindView 7 further establishes our leadership position in the project management mind mapping marketplace, and the solution helps project managers at all levels improve planning, communication, performance and results.” MatchWare’s MindView 7 is available in multiple license options, including single user, 5-user and 10-user. A complimentary 30-day trial version is also available. Learn more at

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Founded in 1992, MatchWare is a Danish software house with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Denmark. The company develops and provides proprietary mind mapping and meeting management software, which is used by businesses, educational institutions and governments worldwide to enhance brainstorming, communication, decision making, collaboration and meeting effectiveness and performance. Learn more at *MatchWare, MindView, MeetingBooster, Shared Workspace, Mediator, and ScreenCorder, are trademarks or registered trademarks of MatchWare A/S. All other trademarks and registered trademarks used in this document are the property of their respective companies.    


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