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Matchware’s New Meetingbooster 4.0, Meeting Management Software Tool That Transforms Meetings Into Productive Powerhouse Sessions That Deliver Results

February 12th, 2018

  “MatchWare releases MeetingBooster 4.0, the highly improved meeting management software application that is poised to quickly be the market leader. Designed to make the meeting process even more productive with a new agenda editor, new styles, a new Outlook plugin, a comprehensive API, better security, and the ability to roll unfinished topics into your next meeting’s agenda; MeetingBooster 4.0 will show your meetings Who’s Boss.”A complimentary trial, which includes full access to Support Consultants, is available at   TAMPA, February, 13 2018 ─ MatchWare Inc., a multi-national software development house, announced today the launch of MeetingBooster 4.0, the latest release of their popular meeting management software application that empowers businesses to transform meetings into productive powerhouse sessions by driving meeting accountability, streamlining meeting procedures, reducing time spent in meetings, and aligning meetings with management goals. “MeetingBooster 4.0 is a must-have tool for any enterprise level business,” explains MatchWare’s Product Manager Thomas Henriksen. “We interviewed 50 corporate executives from various industries with the goal of understanding how to improve overall meeting effectiveness. What we realized was that the market was ready for a drastic shift in the way meetings were managed. MeetingBooster 4.0 is built for today’s enterprise business market and is packed full of features that will literally revolutionize the entire meeting management process. This release is a game-changer and we are excited to see how the market reacts.” MeetingBooster 4.0 is a secure, cloud-based meeting management software tool built for today’s diverse business ecosystem, and boasts a powerful core feature set including:  

Agenda module

  • Meeting Agenda tools for creating and standardizing professional meeting agendas that contain all necessary elements to consistently run effective and efficient meetings.
  • Meeting Management tools for capturing meeting notes, assigning and tracking action items, facilitating decision making, and both distributing and archiving meeting minutes.
  • Meeting Analytics tools for generating intelligent insights into important meeting data, such as frequency, duration, cost, task status, attendance, effectiveness, and much more.


  In addition, MeetingBooster 4.0 has an improved Outlook plugin which allows for better integration with the world’s most popular email client, a comprehensive API that allows for better communication with organizations existing software applications, and an impressive list of new features:
  • New Agenda Editor
  • New Agenda and Minutes Styles
  • Permission on Topics in the Agenda and Minutes
  • Improved Search in the Minutes
  • Rolling Unfinished Topics into a New Meeting Agenda
  • Topic Status in the Meeting Series
  • Decisions at Meetings
  • Multi-language Agenda Templates
  • Ability to Change Attendance after the meeting ends
  • Private Topic Suggestions
  • Improved Parked Topics to include Notes

Auto-generated Meeting Minutes

  With MeetingBooster 4.0, you will transform meetings into productive powerhouse sessions that deliver results. If you are serious about improving the effectiveness of your meetings, you can request a complimentary trial of MeetingBooster, which includes full access to MatchWare’s Support Consultants, at Additional MeetingBooster information, including a complete feature overview, deployment options, and pricing information, is available at

About MatchWare

MatchWare is the global leader in professional mind mapping and enterprise meeting management solutions. The award-winning MindView mind mapping software and MeetingBooster professional meeting management software allow our customers to collaborate, innovate and increase productivity from any device in order to achieve greater success throughout their organization. Since 1992, MatchWare has provided companies, government institutions, non-government organizations (NGO), academics and individuals with reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective software applications. Our programs include mind mapping, project management, meeting management, and business productivity software. These programs are designed to provide customers with the tools necessary to better drive, measure and optimize productivity to succeed in today’s always evolving technological environment. MatchWare’s head office is in Denmark with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, United States, and Germany. MeetingBooster is a registered trademark of MatchWare Inc. Media Contact: Ulrik Merrild MatchWare Inc. Tel. 813-254-6644    


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