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The New MindView 4 Mind Mapping Software Takes Online Collaboration to the Next Level.

December 8th, 2010

With impressive new features that make online collaboration faster and easier than ever, MindView 4 is the most powerful Mind Mapping tool to date.
  Tampa, FL – December 8, 2010. After 18 months of gathering feedback from users, MatchWare has just released MindView 4, the next generation of Mind Mapping software. Thomas Henriksen, MatchWare’s Product Manager explains, “I speak to business professionals every day that are looking for concrete ways to continue improving their innovation, communication, project planning and collaboration, and that is what MindView 4 provides.” With the industry’s most powerful integration with Microsoft Office®, and the new online collaboration features, MindView 4 is a mind mapping and productivity tool that should be in every business professional’s software arsenal. MindView 4’s new Shared Workspace takes online collaboration to a whole new level. MindView’s Multi-User Editing feature enables individuals in various locations to share a Mind Map and work on it simultaneously. All collaborators instantly see what the others have added, making it the ideal tool for online brainstorming sessions, group assignments and project management. The Shared Workspace is a secure, web-based system that can either be hosted by MatchWare or installed and hosted by the user’s organization. MindView 4 improves productivity through powerful Microsoft Office® integration, to ensure users get the most out of each work day. MindView 4’s new Microsoft Office® 2010 interface and new map styles make Mind Maps more professional and easier to understand. MindView 4’s enhanced Microsoft Word® export feature allows users to transfer their project plans into formatted Word® documents with just a few simple clicks. Version 4 also features improved PowerPoint® import, optimized Excel® and Project® integration, as well as fast and easy export of Mind Maps as PDFs. Brainstorming, organizing and presenting ideas has never been easier. Craig Morris at Kantar Operations says, “MindView has greatly improved the way we capture and share information, from Mind Maps to Timelines to Microsoft Office® all within a click of a mouse.   By using MindView, our biggest ROI has been the productivity savings this tool creates and the benefits of MS Office integration”. Other interesting features of version 4 include the new Branch Locking and Track Changes functions.  Branch Locking allows users to lock specific branches, which empowers map owners to control workflow, allocate tasks and safeguard sensitive information. The new Track Changes function enables map owners to see the changes that other team members have made.  Simply selecting an item on the list of changes instantly highlights the corresponding branch of the Mind Map and makes all changes easy to identify. Additional new features include Sound File support that allows users to record audio commentary to attach to a Mind Map branch, enhanced Interactive Whiteboard support, and a new Presentation Mode that enables users to present their Mind Maps in a linear format, focusing on one branch at a time.  

Mind Mapping Software Optimized for Project Management

While MindView software has long been an essential brainstorming and collaboration tool, MindView 4 is particularly valuable for Project Management, thanks to its import from and export to Microsoft Project®, automatic task distribution, status monitoring and reporting functions. MindView 4 automatically distributes tasks via Outlook or the Shared Workspace. Monitoring task status is equally simple by synchronizing an Outlook Task List with the corresponding Mind Map. MindView 4 also comes with brand new project reports that provide a clear summary of detailed project management information. Rod Paras, PMP and Manager at the Project Management office of SCI Marketview, one of Deloitte’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies, says, “SCi’s PMO and project management team are using MindView to capture the information and ideas derived during a traditional WBS brainstorming session. By eliminating both rework and errors that arise when translating information from one application or document into another, SCI is experiencing roughly a 30% increase in efficiency when producing deliverables during our initiation and planning phases” Overall, MindView 4 offers a range of powerful new features that help maximize productivity while saving both time and money.  At just $379 for a single user license of the Business version and $279 for the Standard version, it is a tool that no business should be without. The new MindView Shared Workspace is available at $99 per year. MindView 4 for Windows is available in English, German and French and is available for purchase or a free trial at  

About MatchWare

Founded in 1992, MatchWare is a leader in easy-to-use Mind Mapping and multimedia authoring tools for enhancing individuals’ ability to create, visualize, manage and distribute information. The company’s award-winning software packages, MindView, Mediator, and ScreenCorder, offer highly intuitive user interfaces and powerful features at affordable prices. Headquartered in Denmark, MatchWare has subsidiaries in the UK, the USA, Germany, France and Sweden. * MatchWare, MatchWare Mediator, MatchWare ScreenCorder, MindView, are trademarks or registered trademarks of MatchWare A/S. All other trademarks and registered trademarks used in this document are the property of their respective companies.    


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