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Case Study – corpo two Management GmbH

August 1st, 2019


Lutz Bäumler
Branch Manager Wiesbaden

corpo two Management GmbH


Headquarters in Berlin, with offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden

Why did corpo two Management opt for MindView?

Corpo two chose MindView because, as a planning services provider, we make our living from creative thinking and effective brainstorming. And we realized that using mind maps could help us take advantage of entirely new ways of thinking.

Good chess players can think up to ten moves ahead in one go – in one direction. With a mind map you can think in infinite directions in practically unlimited number of steps, all the while capturing thoughts, linking them, moving them or discarding them. As a digital aid, MindView is very fast and effective, and its potential is multiplied when used as a collaboration tool within a team.


What do you appreciate about MindView?

Particularly for daily planning work, it is important to follow every idea right through from beginning to end. MindView’s branch structure helps you do this by keeping track of thoughts and ideas all the way from parent branches to end branches. Without this approach, it would not be possible to achieve the levels of complexity and quality we obtain.


In which areas do you use MindView?

  • Analyzing and approaching a new project in a creative manner
  • Presenting tailor-made mind maps to our clients, including all the attachments, background information, plans or cost estimates they need
  • Creating schedules
  • Representing entire finished buildings, building infrastructures, floors etc.
  • Distributing tasks to everyone involved in a project
  • Recording meetings
  • Representing costs
  • Visualizing technical structures
  • Highlighting and displaying relationships and dependencies
  • Capturing and recording valuable thoughts quickly, and sharing them with colleagues
  • Tracking tasks


What are the benefits of using MindView?

Two of the big advantages of MindView are the wide variety of export and conversion options it offers, for instance to Microsoft Project, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint, and the reassuring flexibility to be able to change everything within seconds, to insert ideas, then postpone or reject them and attach all kinds of supporting documents, including hyperlinks, audio files, plans, pictures and so on.

Having all the relevant data immediately available, whether as links or attachments, is a huge daily time-saver.


What is your experience of collaborating with MatchWare?

MatchWare is a very professional company to work with, its online training is very good and clear. We are therefore very satisfied and are continuously finding more new ways of using MindView.


Would you recommend MindView?

We can recommend the software without any hesitation, and often do so. At the same time, we enjoy our own competitive advantage over others who may not yet have recognized its value.

You are welcome to refer other interested parties to us, and as long as it fits in our schedule, we are also happy to provide information about our experience as enthusiastic users.