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Announcing The Release of Service Pack 3 for MindView!

April 18th, 2016

New Features:
  • SharePoint: It is now possible to browse, open and save on SharePoint sub-sites.
  • A Windows Navigator allowing the user to switch between open documents and open panels using “Ctrl + Tab” has been introduced.
  • The keys “Ctrl + Home” can now be used to select the root in any of the views.
  • It is now possible to define a maximum number of branches beyond which the Compact Map feature will be disabled to optimize performance.
  • The keys “F6” and “Ctrl + Shift + F6” previously used to activate and deactivate branch focus have been changed to “Alt + F6” and “Alt + Shift + F6”.
  • The keys “F6” and “Shift + F6” are now used to move the focus between the active tab, the active panels and the status bar.
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